An aside: To upgrade or not to upgrade

If you are following this blog then you know that I am in the beginning stages of a case-study on refactoring a stale project, a process that I have dubbed fertilization.  Well, in the time since I started things, Visual Studio 2012 has been released, and of course I have already picked up a copy.

So I am now struggling with the choice of upgrading my case study to 2012.  At first, it seemed like a no-brainer.  I'm the only developer, and VS 2012 is the latest and greatest, right?  I'm questioning myself now, though.  If there's anybody out there who's following along (I'd be surprised if there are any yet; technically, as I write this, my blog isn't even officially published!), then they'll need to go ahead and upgrade with me.  And it's not only Visual Studio that I need to upgrade, too.  Resharper 6 doesn't install on 2012, so I need to get 7.  I'll probably want to update the framework to 4.5, and I just recently got it updated to 4.0.  I dunno.

Also, I'm not so sure I'm sold on the new look and feel of 2012.  I wonder if I can change any of that back to the 2010 look.  (Actually, I found that simply switching to the Dark theme in 2012 made me a whole lot happier.)

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