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Quinceanera waltz

Things are starting to get hot....

.... And I am not just talking about Summer. We began or spring with a zesty Quinceanera where we left our Mark on the dance floor. We choreographed a beautifully mystical waltz,  sprinkled with a touch of Cotillion! I don't know of you know who Lindsey Sterling is, but her track Crystallize is fabulous! And for those of you who may be curious, a quinceanera is a traditional latin celebration that marks a 15 year old's transition into becoming a young woman. Church Mass, A court of the young lady's friends,  and a reception  are just a few of its components. The family was lovely and we greatly enjoyed being part of such an important occasion, we felt like part of the family! We will definitely be keeping in touch.

 A few things we have upcoming: a Romantic outdoor wedding, a fundraiser for our veterans and a refreshingly cool dip into the world of PR. Oh and I will be speaking at the awesome Rotary Club on party throwing... And maybe a few House of Czetty hosted cozy outdoor cocktail parties. We still have some available weekends this summer,  so don't be shy, we would love to meet you and throw your party!

Quinceanera waltzMasquerade ball Quinceanera unique centerpiece

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