When God Answers Prayers

11/2017 – Life

I was sift­ing through the laun­dry bas­ket look­ing for footie pants, all for the pur­pose of keep­ing my lit­tlest’s feet warm. We have had lots of trou­ble get­ting and keep­ing the laun­dry under con­trol, actu­al­ly I am expect­ing the laun­dry to stage a mutiny any day now and kick us all out of the house. So, back to the cute, but chilly baby feet. As I am sift­ing, one hand­ed (baby is in the oth­er arm) I am think­ing how large full and mixed up this load of laun­dry is and I start look­ing for the prob­a­bil­i­ty facts fold­er in the files of my now frac­tured mem­o­ry. (Deliv­er­ing 3 babies in a 5 year peri­od has left me with few brain cells and the 3 I have left aren’t even work­ing together. 

So, after receiv­ing a “file not found” brain mes­sage a cou­ple of times, I final­ly find an old mem­o­ry that reminds me if I am look­ing for one spe­cif­ic item in a sea of many many oth­er items, it’s a low prob­a­bil­i­ty that I am going to find what  I am look­ing for at this time. Espe­cial­ly since I am ran­dom­ly reach­ing in the laun­dry bas­ket with no rhyme, rea­son or strategy. 

So, I start to pray. 

(Yes pray, I pray about any and every­thing, it has served me well since I was a child) “I have a wig­gly baby in one hand and Lord please help me find these spe­cif­ic footie pants.” You see, all the while I am sift­ing, (no, sift­ing requires strat­e­gy and forethought)…all the while I was blind­ly reach­ing, I pulled up a knee high sock, thought “nope, that’s not it” put it back and kept look­ing. Then, what I know to be The Holy Spir­it starts speak­ing to me with­in my mind’s thoughts. (I know it’s The Holy Spir­it because He spoke wis­dom that I know for a fact didn’t come from me) He said, ever so gen­tly, that I was so busy expect­ing God to give me specif­i­cal­ly the pants I had pic­tured in my mind, that I total­ly missed His answered prayer in those knee high socks. I had for­got­ten the need: which was to warm chilly baby feet. I was so focused on the assumed men­tal image I missed meet­ing the need. As I came to this under­stand­ing, while laugh­ing to myself, I was reach­ing in and pulled out the pants I was look­ing for the whole time.

A Laun­dry Les­son in Prayer, God can use any­thing to help and teach us, Praise the Lord!