Feed Me Tacos and Tell Me Your Story with 10K Tacos

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Sto­ry­telling is a hot top­ic these days. We are see­ing Sto­ry­telling being used in the cor­po­rate envi­ron­ment, mar­ket­ing and even in per­son­al devel­op­ment. If some­one asked, “What is your Sto­ry?”, would you be ready? In fact, how would you like to feed me Tacos and tell me your sto­ry? Last month, Isidro sat down with me and shared some amaz­ing lessons and insight based on his expe­ri­ence grow­ing up as The Proud Son of a Tac­quero. We also spoke about what taco expec­ta­tions look like and even ways to find good tacos.

Join me as I lis­ten to some “Taquotes”, learn more about the ben­e­fits of sto­ry­telling and con­nect with 10K Tacos. If you are look­ing to build your sto­ry­telling skills, join our mail­ing list and we will send you some links to groups where you can prac­tice sto­ry telling and if you are inter­est­ed we can put togeth­er a Work­shop with 10K Tacos and invite you all to build your sto­ry­telling skills and speak about avenues where you can use sto­ry­telling to improve your busi­ness, life and rela­tion­ships. So, what do you think? Do you think you could be ready to Feed Me Tacos and Tell Me Your Sto­ry? Or even bet­ter, could you be ready to Feed any­one Tacos and Tell Them Your Sto­ry? 10K Tacos has a pod­cast about a Taco Truck. Make sure to check it out here. There is also a web­site where you can get taco swag, merch etc. here


Lis­ten to the Last Interview

Job Loss to Boss — The Adventure Startup with Trove Hospitality

pink slip to be your own boss

Welcome to our newest Series within Opting Out! The Adventure Startup! Join us as we speak about How to Start a Business with Stephanie Verheyem. During the pandemic, this bold entrepreneur went from job loss to boss. In the midst of uncertainty, this Extraordinary Entrepreneur turned her post pandemic pink slip into pink parties and glass slippers. Now, she is becoming known around Nashville for her bachelorette parties and event planning for visitors to Music City. Trove Hospitality is a concierge event and trip planning service is becoming quite popular. This lovely lady and her start up has made a big splash! So much so that she has been noticed by an up and coming App, Bach! How exciting!

This time has many inspiring entrepreneurs wanting to begin their own Adventure Startups. Well we here love the Start Up community and all that is associated, even those seasoned organizations that employ the start up culture, there is something so exciting about the concept and seeing it in action definitely energizes enthusiasts. Do you want to go from job loss to boss? Or just plain start your own thing? Make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you will receive updates for new episodes and information about upcoming events and promotions.

See the form to customize our next event

Stephanie takes us with her on her Adventure Startup so that we may take a look at the ins and outs of developing Trove Hospitality. We discuss how to start a business and go from job loss to boss. So, friends get ready for strategy around marketing, developing a Plan and even bold pitching tips!


Trove Social Media Links:









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Job Loss to Boss - The Adventure Startup with Trove Hospitality

Walking on Water with Confidence

Some people will stay in the boat while others will venture on foot in the sea, walking on water, which one are you?

Identifying, Understanding and Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs

Did you know you were made to do great things? No, really, it’s true! It is why we love watching movies about adventure. Deep down we want that to be part of our story. Whether it’s opening a local coffee shop, traveling the world as a podcaster, planting a church or serving a ministry or cause in a developing country, there are extraordinary feats that we want to accomplish. Now, whether we actually try to accomplish them, that is a different matter altogether. What stops us from walking on water with confidence? Think of something that you have always wanted to do, now think of all the reasons you haven’t done it yet. Those reasons are often called Self-Limiting Beliefs. By Identifying, Understanding and Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs it makes what we thought to be impossible, possible.

On another note, let’s get together! I want to hear what you think. It’s time to have a workshop. Virtual, Hybrid and in person. The Dream Big Again—Then Activate Seminar! How many courses, books, conferences have you attended and loved then found a few months later you felt like you hadn’t made the progress you hoped for? My prayer is to crack that code. To actually host events, programs, etc. that have measurable metrics of success and provide roadmaps with short-term wins. Events customized to your needs. I believe it’s possible!

Join us and fill out our interest form here:

Photo credit: https://faith-christian.org/walking-on-water/

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Walking on Water with Confidence

Resurrection Sunday AKA Easter Sunday

AKA Easter

What is Resurrection Sunday? It has been quite some time since we have been able to sit down for church service in the way I had come to know in my lifetime. For many of us, things look a lot different these days. I remember taking a stroll in downtown Nashville to visit a lovely Methodist church built over 100 years ago and the door were locked! I know I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I imagined myself desperately banging on the doors yelling “sanctuary!” waiting for someone from the inside to bring me in from the proverbial cold. Yes. that is an exaggeration, but where can the cold, hungry and desperate go when the church doors are closed? Back in the day, it was during the tragic personal and world circumstances that often drove people to visit their local church.

Photo Credit


This Easter or Resurrection Sunday morning I awoke wondering what we were to do. I always love a good Sunday church service and our littles were also interested in attending church for Easter, although these days for them it means play time. As I prayer walked my room this particular moment, I felt God building something inside of me, I was supposed to do another podcast today! And He, God that is, had it all planned out. The name was going to be "Resurrection Sunday". Even a guest audio production specialist was willing to get it produced and ready for posting on the very same day, which is both a holiday and on the weekend. That my sweet friends is a miracle! And believe you me, EVERYTHING tried to get in the way! If I was running against the clock to deliver this podcast to the finish line, I had to jump over hungry dogs, children, dodge arrows, and get fancy with bobbing and weaving, ducking and dodging, as the distractions were launched. But here it is! Fresh out of the kitchen!

My very first Sunday sermon teaching… unabridged, unscripted, completely unexpected, and a true opt out…

*Update* I just found out my new favorite show, The Chosen released it's first episode of season 2 on Easter Sunday and they have a miraculous testimony and the show is amazing. It's free using a "Pay it Forward" approach. I feel a new revival or Great Awakening coming on...

Produced by: Sterling Skye Sound - A Special thanks to this amazing company being part of this miracle!

Referenced Podcasts: Know your Worth; Christianity & PR

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Resurrection Sunday AKA Easter Sunday

When I Grow Up, Adults Can Still Dream Big

When I Grow Up…

Do you remember getting this question in childhood as well as answering the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up? Back in the days of being told that “you can do whatever you put your mind to” and if you can dream it you can do it”, we found ourselves dreaming of being astronauts, rocket scientists, firepersons, zookeepers, Michael Jordan, time travelers and working at the waffle house. (Btw, that last one was a real dream of a little one who loved eating there)

Why should that stop once we are adults? Can we not still do what we dream or dare to think big? It would seem that there is an unspoken expectation that happens in adulthood. What once was “reach for the stars”, became “be realistic” or “don’t aim too high”.

What in the world is that!!!!

If we really think about it, we will see how contradictory this can be and how can we inspire the coming generations if we lose hope of doing what we love once we become adults?

When I Grow up I want to go to the ISS

So let’s have some fun….

Hello you! What do you want to be when you grow up? Dust off those old goals, dreams and plans and take another more serious look. You will be surprised at what is possible. If we have self-driving cars and a guest room in space, courtesy of the ISS, then it is definitely possible to do what you love during your lifetime. When the Wright brothers said they wanted to find a way for man to fly, I mean I wasn’t there or anything, but I imagine they were probably laughed out of whatever room they were in. Look at us now! Flying around the world is commonplace and people can even go into space!

So what amazing thing excites you? This episode explores some of the ways you can take a dream, or idea, find motivation, create a roadmap, get support and begin the journey towards your destination.

Podcast Ref: Your Extraordinary Path Episodes 1, 2 & 3

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When I Grow Up, Adults Can Still Dream Big

Your Extraordinary Health –Extraordinary Path Part 3

Extraordinary Health Goal: Let us look to a world of feeling better, empowered and ready for Action

I awoke the morning of recording this podcast thinking about our health and what it means to have Extraordinary Health. The health of our family and the journey of my own personal health. I was feeling so very thankful that the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain of feeling unwell was not with me. I remembered those days. The days of waiting for things to get better. The tears that came with the heartbreak of hoping one day things would be better. It is so easy to forget past discomfort when things are well and the skies are sunny. So, on this particular day, I was so thankful to remember, so that  I could remember to give thanks. One of the best feelings I have felt in the world is the feeling of relief. When what was ailing me was suddenly gone.

heart soul mind strength

Even as  I write this,

I am remembering the many times after being in pain, sometimes even writhing in it, when the pain was gone and each moment passing thereafter, as the relief settled in and the feeling of euphoria spread. Part by part of my body realizing it can unclench and release as the discomfort is gone. Pain isn’t always just physical, it can be mental, emotional and spiritual. It can be all four at the same time. Oftentimes it isn’t just one of them.

So with all this in mind, I was praying and asking, if there was anything that I could do to help those in the world feel better to know a sense of Extraordinary Health. To be more capable and stronger, even for one person. That God would show me what I could do and give me what I needed to do it. I came up with an amazing idea surrounding some sort of virtual/physical experience where people could undergo transformation over time. That idea would take some extra resources, but in the meantime I could do a podcast.

So here we all are, on a journey, adventure and mission to feeling better so that we can walk our designed purpose on our own Extraordinary Path. Afterall, how can we be fulfilled if we aren’t walking in our purpose and how can we walk in our purpose if we aren’t feeling better?

What would this world be like if every single person everywhere (that leaves out nothing, no place and no one) felt healthy and better in all the ways possible?

Bearing in mind, that we cannot depend on another person for our well-being. No human being has the strength to take that on. Becoming well starts from the inside and in my experience, no matter what trauma I have experienced, it was my full transparency about who I am and what I had done or experienced and my willingness to surrender it all to Jesus, trusting and knowing He could make me well, that began my journey to healing. This was not easy, but I have never been alone and you are not alone, no matter how lonely things may feel. So my loves, join me in Opting Out of accepting unwellness and into expecting to feel better via Extraordinary Health and not stopping until we do!

Ref: Extraordinary Path 1 & 2

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Your Extraordinary Health --Extraordinary Path Part 3

Moving Forward, While Resisting Blame Bullies

Whether it's potty training regression, or unexpected bad news, it can be difficult moving forward and to keep going when it feels like, for every step we take forward we are taking 5 steps backwards.


I often imagine myself as that person pushing a rock up a hill and never quite getting to the top, but still pushing that rock. Even the visual is a trap, set up to bring on despair and tempt one to give up the fight to get things back on track. I will sometimes hear, "why even try, nothing that you do will work". If I let these thoughts take up too much air space, it's not long before I am ready to take a nap on the whole situation or get super frustrated and begin a pity party of one. The blame bullies strike again! Thoughts of self-pity, feelings of defeat and blame try to take hold and crash the positive party I was trying to throw.

Sound Familiar?

How did I even get to this angry and sad place?

For me personally, it is when I have trouble accepting things as they are, but rather I spend my energy trying to figure out what went wrong. From there, if it is emotionally driven, it's a downwards spiral, from who's to blame, how did I get here, why didn't I pay attention, to I should know better and etc...

None of it helps and what I find is that all the while I am not getting anything done. The thing in question is still awaiting further instructions. What if, instead of getting stuck in that loop, I look, rationally, at my options? It is important for me to take stock of my emotions, but I find if I give each it's own space, I steer clear of, what John Bunyan in his amazing book, "The Pilgrim's Progress", calls, "The Slough of Despond". A very dreadful place that is quite difficult to get out of. It's where motivation spills out.

Moving forward in coaching as well as other areas...

Focusing on the goal can be really helpful in moving forward when dealing with obstacles. If I focus on where I am going rather that what's stopping me, I find that I am more apt to problem solve, rather than get upset and offended at various hindrances. After all, when I think about it, there is nothing I can do about the unforeseen and unexpected. What I can do is keep my goal in perspective. Sometimes that means I need a good cry at first, but as soon as I get myself together, then I can look at how excited I will be to get to my destination and really build towards motivating myself to walk the difficult, yet rewarding path ahead. After all, struggles overcome, bring amazing testimonies of faith and encouragement to others that may be walking the same path.

Ref Episode: The Extraordinary Zone - Denny Katona

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Moving Forward, While Resisting Blame Bullies

Bad Press, Hot Mess Express!

Did you hear a train whistle after you read that title? I sure did! Choo Choooo! 😆

I came to know about Jesus at a very young age. At around 8, one doesn’t understand politics or the nature of people. It is more of an innocent time where one sees things more as they are and less of the extra that adulthood can sometimes put on things and concepts. I didn’t begin to study the bible until my mid 20s and I wasn’t a regular attender of church until around my early 30s. What is interesting is that the more I got around “spiritual” people, the more difficult and muddled things attempted to become. What I understood at 8 up until my mid 20s was simple. I had a personal relationship with God through Jesus and He was always helping me. Helping me do the impossible, helping me through a difficult childhood and helping me navigate my innocence as a new adult in a world full of noise and suggestions. For example, how did I end up taking  break from college, living in Berlin with no job, not knowing where I would stay or anyone in the area and a week later, find that I had a flat, a job and a new friend who was like family? And my original plan was to go to France! I have found myself in a variety of situations, many of them a mess. What’s amazing is that I never felt judgement or condemnation from God. Never. If you would like to know the various adventures and misadventures, let me know, it gets pretty seedy. Contrary to popular opinion knowing God doesn’t mean I am perfect or that I don’t and can’t party, celebrate and have a blast, it’s actually the exact opposite. I’m definitely on the hot mess express, celebrating joys along the way and looking for my stop!

In each of these situations, God was always there, reminding me He loved me and that He had better planned for me. He always blessed me and made me feel like His princess. This was the extent of my faith. Then I got more into social situations where I spoke about my experiences, I began to attend church and learn more about the bible. It was amazing learning about the bible and sharing my experiences and crazy times. What was a surprise, was how many people had been hurt by their churches and how many people had ideas about who God is based on horror stories involving hypocritical people in their lives. Because my relationship with God was very private for me at first, meaning my education came directly from God, I hadn’t experienced another person within my faith yet. I got an ear and eye full of people upset and hurt at God. Angry at all the nasty and quite forceful historical background of Christianity. As it turns out Jesus has some bad press due to the actions of many who claimed to represent Him and His ideas. What if someone had the gift, ability, and had been commissioned to create more truthful press around who Jesus is and what it is to be Team Jesus. Put yourself in His shoes. What if you had a bunch of people doing things you didn’t agree with and putting you on blast as the originator and you weren’t physically present to refute the claims and blame? Most people would hire an advocate to speak for them, to set the record straight.

Just something to think about…

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Bad Press, Hot Mess Express!

Has Jesus become a Four Letter Word ?!


It’s so interesting when I hear people who would have nothing to do with Jesus speak His name in frustration or as an exclamation, like Jesus is a Four Letter Word, one of those Four Letter Words. In the media I have heard so many renditions of its uses. One thing I do wonder...


Could I go on national Television and say “Jesus loves you”? Would it be allowed? Would I be "beeped"?

I was watching a current series of a show that began in the 60s.
This show since its creation has had many follow up series and movies over the decades that followed and they had just began a new one. I had always seen the show as somewhat wholesome. This show aired in one of the basic network channels. As I was watching one the characters, who was portrayed as a bit innocent and sweet blurted the f bomb


I was like, wait whoa, when did I turn to a network channel? And what I will say is it was streaming on a service, so it’s possible this did not air directly on television but it was definitely unexpected. It seems as time has passed what wasn’t okay is starting to be more okay slowly over time. I am wondering what media will look like 50 years from now. Think of what is was like 50 years back?

It’s so curious to me that while some concepts and words are becoming more acceptable within the media, others have been slowly removed or maybe even banned. There was a time when shows spoke about God and the faith of a family on network television, but they seem more far and few between as time goes on.

Has Jesus been censured????? Is He now a four letter word????

Reference Episodes: Resurrection Sunday AkA Easter Sunday

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Has Jesus become a Four Letter Word ?!

The Extraordinary Zone — Interview with The Vintage Girls

Quality time and Cute Kitsch during Quarantine with the Vintage Girls

What started out as an idea for a typical garage sale transformed into anything but typical as 5 girls, who are also students and baristas at an amazing coffee shop in Hollister, MO, “accidentally” on purpose discovered their entrepreneurial edge. These ladies organized and set up #SipNShopCo, a unique business idea that promotes community and supports a local community centered business.

The #vintagegirls began virtually to adjust to the city shutdown with adorable wrapped care packages, delivered with sweet notes and coupons for Vintage Paris to bring encouragement during the unexpected times to the weary. You can find them and their amazing line of clothing and items on Instagram or in person during one of their scheduled pop up events at #VintageParis.

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The Extraordinary Zone -- Interview with The Vintage Girls