Opting Out…

…& into the Wilderness

It was the Bee Sting that was heard around the world Y’all, or at least felt…by me only…

I found myself near­ing my mid 30’s and I was one of those who had not been stung by a bee, wait here it comes.…yet. Yes, yet! I spent a great deal of time hon­ing my inter­pre­tive dance like move­ments to grace­ful­ly and not so grace­ful­ly avoid our hon­ey mak­ing friends. It was an art form that com­bined being real­ly still, with slow Tai Chi like move­ments with sud­den jerk­ing move­ments. It prob­a­bly looked like I was walk­ing through a laser grid. 

On our anniver­sary, August 10th, 2017, I and our lit­tles, aged 5 months, 2 and 3 years at the time were hav­ing brunch with a dear friend of mine. As I helped my old­er 2 on the play­ground, I was joy-filled and thank­ful for our fam­i­ly and the abil­i­ty to be with them. I had been hear­ing “You sure do have your hands full” a lot as I would tra­verse the mean streets of Cost­co and Gym­boree. I did­n’t feel like I had my hands full, but I would laugh and nod polite­ly as their state­ments stung. (more on that in a lat­er blog) As I walked back to our table, I felt a sud­den pinch. Now I have been bit­ten and stung by crit­ters before and usu­al­ly I wait for the pain to quick­ly sub­side, but the sen­sa­tion increased sub­stan­tial­ly. This was new. “What is hap­pen­ing right now?!”

I raised my maxi skirt to see who decid­ed to hitch a ride and bite. Rude! I check the back of my ham­string and I felt some­thing and quick­ly swept it away. “EWWWW”, I sure hope it isn’t a ven­omous spi­der” I think to myself. I then built up the courage to look at my leg. I saw a black some­thing that I pulled out. I fig­ured it must be a fang or some­thing. Lat­er that night I had a huge swollen welt on my leg that was very warm to the touch. I asked my hus­band if he knew what may have bit me. I knew bet­ter than to ask “Dr Google” that is a rab­bit hole, I did­n’t want to go down. We fig­ured that it was a be sting. “What a strange way for some­thing like that to hap­pen” I thought. What I did­n’t know was that it was about to get stranger and much more uncomfortable.

Enter into the wilderness…

An Entrepreneurial Princess’ Friends, Mom, Wife Life

I am Opt­ing out of embrac­ing chaos and being over­whelmed. I AM all the things and I choose to embrace the adven­ture and find the poise of a princess. 

But First Princess & Daugh­ter of the King

From that truth flows a beau­ti­ful radi­ant light that illu­mi­nates “mom­my­hood” “wifey­ness” & “Besties” in the hood.

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