Opting Out Recap — Czettys On the Road

Are you crazy?

Yes, we are crazy…

The world will think you are crazy any­time you “Opt Out” of what is con­sid­ered the norm. It’s out­side of the com­fort zone and will gen­er­ate resis­tance. Think of any time some­one set out to change things. Think about all the his­to­ry around all men and women being treat­ed equally.

You did what??? How are you guys able to do that???? These are just some of the ques­tions we have heard as we embarked on our mobile adven­tures 5 months ago. In this pod­cast I go back to where it all began, the con­densed ver­sion, and catch up to today. Get a clos­er look into our crazy. Also look for an inter­view with me by a fel­low pod­cast­er and adven­tur­er some­time lat­er this month.

Opting Out
Opt­ing Out 
Opt­ing Out Recap — Czettys On the Road