Extraordinary Zone — Interview With Denny Katona

Sometimes transition can be difficult. Often times when we dedicate ourselves fully for a while, we can lose sight of our identity. Maybe we never really knew it in the first place. For many veterans, it can be a struggle finding their purpose as they build their lives after having faithfully and bravely served our country. Sometimes there can be a gap, one that many of our soldiers fall into and can't find a way out.

Denny Katona, our guest on The Extraordinary Zone, talks about how he found himself in the deepest darkest part of that gap. He tells us how he climbed out of the gap and how he stays out of it going forward. This amazing veteran built a non-profit, OP Veteran, to serve the veteran community and connect with other organizations. Their goal is to one day create a hub so that no veteran is ever left in that gap alone. They strive to give veterans multiple hands to grab onto to pull themselves out.

"Don't use a permanent solution for a temporary problem"

Denny Katona
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Extraordinary Zone -- Interview With Denny Katona