Has Jesus become a Four Letter Word ?!

It’s so inter­est­ing when I hear peo­ple who would have noth­ing to do with Jesus speak His name in frus­tra­tion or as an excla­ma­tion. In the media I have heard so many ren­di­tions of its uses. One thing I do won­der…


Could I go on nation­al Tele­vi­sion and say “Jesus loves you”? Would it be allowed? I was watch­ing a cur­rent series of a show that began in the 60s.
This show since its cre­ation has had many fol­low up series and movies over the decades that fol­lowed and they had just began a new one. I had always seen the show as some­what whole­some. This show aired in one of the basic net­work chan­nels. As I was watch­ing one the char­ac­ters, who was por­trayed as a bit inno­cent and sweet blurt­ed the f bomb


I was like, wait whoa, when did I turn to a net­work chan­nel? And what I will say is it was stream­ing on a ser­vice, so it’s pos­si­ble this did not air direct­ly on tele­vi­sion but it was def­i­nite­ly unex­pect­ed. It seems as time has passed what wasn’t okay is start­ing to be more okay slow­ly over time. I am won­der­ing what media will look like 50 years from now. Think of what is was like 50 years back?

It’s so curi­ous to me that while some con­cepts and words are becom­ing more accept­able with­in the media, oth­ers have been slow­ly removed or maybe even banned. There was a time when shows spoke about God and the faith of a fam­i­ly on net­work tele­vi­sion, but they seem more far and few between as time goes on.

Has Jesus been cen­sured?????

Has Jesus become a Four Letter Word ?!
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