Resurrection Sunday AKA Easter Sunday

What is Res­ur­rec­tion Sun­day? It has been quite some time since we have been able to sit down for church ser­vice in the way I had come to know in my life­time. For many of us, things look a lot dif­fer­ent these days. I remem­ber tak­ing a stroll in down­town Nashville to vis­it a love­ly Methodist church built over 100 years ago and the door were locked! I know I shouldn’t have been sur­prised, but I imag­ined myself des­per­ate­ly bang­ing on the doors yelling “sanc­tu­ary!” wait­ing for some­one from the inside to bring me in from the prover­bial cold. Yes. that is an exag­ger­a­tion, but where can the cold, hun­gry and des­per­ate go when the church doors are closed? Back in the day, it was dur­ing the trag­ic per­son­al and world cir­cum­stances that often drove peo­ple to vis­it their local church.

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This East­er or Res­ur­rec­tion Sun­day morn­ing I awoke won­der­ing what we were to do. I always love a good Sun­day church ser­vice and our lit­tles were also inter­est­ed in attend­ing church for East­er, although these days for them it means play time. As I prayer walked my room this par­tic­u­lar moment, I felt God build­ing some­thing inside of me, I was sup­posed to do anoth­er pod­cast today! And He, God that is, had it all planned out. The name was going to be “Res­ur­rec­tion Sun­day”. Even a guest audio pro­duc­tion spe­cial­ist was will­ing to get it pro­duced and ready for post­ing on the very same day, which is both a hol­i­day and on the week­end. That my sweet friends is a mir­a­cle! And believe you me, EVERYTHING tried to get in the way! If I was run­ning against the clock to deliv­er this pod­cast to the fin­ish line, I had to jump over hun­gry dogs, chil­dren, dodge arrows, and get fan­cy with bob­bing and weav­ing, duck­ing and dodg­ing, as the dis­trac­tions were launched. But here it is! Fresh out of the kitchen!

My very first Sun­day ser­mon teach­ing… unabridged, unscript­ed, com­plete­ly unex­pect­ed, and a true opt out…

*Update* I just found out my new favorite show, The Cho­sen released it’s first episode of sea­son 2 on East­er Sun­day and they have a mirac­u­lous tes­ti­mo­ny and the show is amaz­ing. It’s free using a “Pay it For­ward” approach. I feel a new revival or Great Awak­en­ing com­ing on…

Pro­duced by: Ster­ling Skye Sound — A Spe­cial thanks to this amaz­ing com­pa­ny being part of this miracle! 

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Opting Out
Opt­ing Out 
Res­ur­rec­tion Sun­day AKA East­er Sunday