WHAT ARE WE MISSING?! Encouragement for Caregivers, Guardians, and Parents of Children


Sit back and relax to the pleas­ant sounds of chil­dren, pups and bounc­ing balls as I bat­tle through the strug­gle of chil­dren physics which, btw, seems to defy reg­u­lar physics. Why?! Arg!!! It feels like we can spend hours, days and years putting care­ful­ly placed, pro­tec­tive spir­i­tu­al armor and tech­no­log­i­cal­ly sound, equip­ping mate­ri­als on their lit­tle bod­ies then they go to the play­ground and in like 5 sec­onds the armor just dis­in­te­grates like a para­chute filled with pots and pans instead of the para­chute you pur­chased. And that YouTube video you didn’t play that pops up out of nowhere teach­ing them the wrong thing that seems to be burned in their mem­o­ry after see­ing it just for *a sec­ond* as you face dive for the remote to change it. At this point they are sit­ting ducks wait­ing to be picked off ready to bring all those new­ly learned bad habits home to their younger sib­lings who then stage a mutiny!

They know we are out numbered!

Why?! What am I miss­ing?!!! Maybe we can fig­ure this out together…

House of Czetty
WHAT ARE WE MISSING?! Encour­age­ment for Care­givers, Guardians, and Par­ents of Children

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