Your Extraordinary Health –Extraordinary Path Part 3

Extraordinary Health Goal: Let us look to a world of feeling better, empowered and ready for Action

I awoke the morn­ing of record­ing this pod­cast think­ing about our health and what it means to have Extra­or­di­nary Health. The health of our fam­i­ly and the jour­ney of my own per­son­al health. I was feel­ing so very thank­ful that the phys­i­cal, emo­tion­al, men­tal and spir­i­tu­al pain of feel­ing unwell was not with me. I remem­bered those days. The days of wait­ing for things to get bet­ter. The tears that came with the heart­break of hop­ing one day things would be bet­ter. It is so easy to for­get past dis­com­fort when things are well and the skies are sun­ny. So, on this par­tic­u­lar day, I was so thank­ful to remem­ber, so that  I could remem­ber to give thanks. One of the best feel­ings I have felt in the world is the feel­ing of relief. When what was ail­ing me was sud­den­ly gone.

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Even as  I write this, 

I am remem­ber­ing the many times after being in pain, some­times even writhing in it, when the pain was gone and each moment pass­ing there­after, as the relief set­tled in and the feel­ing of eupho­ria spread. Part by part of my body real­iz­ing it can unclench and release as the dis­com­fort is gone. Pain isn’t always just phys­i­cal, it can be men­tal, emo­tion­al and spir­i­tu­al. It can be all four at the same time. Often­times it isn’t just one of them.

So with all this in mind, I was pray­ing and ask­ing, if there was any­thing that I could do to help those in the world feel bet­ter to know a sense of Extra­or­di­nary Health. To be more capa­ble and stronger, even for one per­son. That God would show me what I could do and give me what I need­ed to do it. I came up with an amaz­ing idea sur­round­ing some sort of virtual/physical expe­ri­ence where peo­ple could under­go trans­for­ma­tion over time. That idea would take some extra resources, but in the mean­time I could do a podcast.

So here we all are, on a jour­ney, adven­ture and mis­sion to feel­ing bet­ter so that we can walk our designed pur­pose on our own Extra­or­di­nary Path. After­all, how can we be ful­filled if we aren’t walk­ing in our pur­pose and how can we walk in our pur­pose if we aren’t feel­ing better?

What would this world be like if every single person everywhere (that leaves out nothing, no place and no one) felt healthy and better in all the ways possible?

Bear­ing in mind, that we can­not depend on anoth­er per­son for our well-being. No human being has the strength to take that on. Becom­ing well starts from the inside and in my expe­ri­ence, no mat­ter what trau­ma I have expe­ri­enced, it was my full trans­paren­cy about who I am and what I had done or expe­ri­enced and my will­ing­ness to sur­ren­der it all to Jesus, trust­ing and know­ing He could make me well, that began my jour­ney to heal­ing. This was not easy, but I have nev­er been alone and you are not alone, no mat­ter how lone­ly things may feel. So my loves, join me in Opt­ing Out of accept­ing unwell­ness and into expect­ing to feel bet­ter via Extra­or­di­nary Health and not stop­ping until we do!

Ref: Extra­or­di­nary Path 1 & 2

Opting Out
Opt­ing Out 
Your Extra­or­di­nary Health –Extra­or­di­nary Path Part 3